Variable Data Printing

Leverage Printing can help you speak directly to your customers and leads with highly personalized variable data print pieces that can’t be ignored.

Variable Data Prints Made Just for {insert your name here}

86% of consumers say personalized marketing leads to a buying decision. So why not leverage your existing customer data to deliver targeted content that increases their engagement with your brand? Variable data printing (VDP) is a form of digital printing that allows you to talk to customers and leads on a 1:1 level through variable catalogs, literature, self-mailers, postcards, and letters. Not only can VDP services be used as part of an omnichannel campaign tactic to increase response rates by reaching your customers multiple times through different mediums (social, email, direct mail), but it can also reduce your print and postage costs by showing customers only the content that matters. While it’s often used on direct mail pieces, variable data printing also makes a high impact when used on everything from product packaging, posters, envelopes, business reports and presentations, flyers, and catalogs.

The Benefits of VDP With Leverage Printing

  • Higher Response Rates
  • Increase ROI
  • More strategic audience segmentation
  • Countless Customization Options
  • Improved message effectiveness and efficiency for multi-location campaigns

Variable Data Mailers

Combine our variable data printing services with targeted direct mail to quickly create highly personalized mail pieces using specific information relating directly to your target audience. 

Personalized customer mailings encourage recipients to take action. A message that uses their name and images related to their interests are definitely more inviting than the same generic message that can be found in their neighbors’ mailboxes. This type of personalization allows targeted direct mail to have a four times higher response rate than EDDM.

Targeted Mailer Benefits 

  • Targeted Personalization
  • Creative Flexibility
  • Higher Response Rates
Leverage Targeted Direct Mail

Mosaic Printing 

Want to get really creative with your packaged products, print marketing material, or direct mail pieces? Mosaic printing delivers the ultimate variable data design by taking a single vector file and quickly turning it into as many as a million design variations. All the pieces have an unmistakably similar look and feel, but no two are the same. 

Benefits of Mosaic Printing

  • Highly Customizable & Individually Unique
  • Stand Apart from Your Competition
  • Give Customers a Unique Slice of Your Brand
  • Surprisingly Simple and Affordable

Examples of VDP for Direct Mailers

  • Letters with customized geographic location indicators, customer ID number, and first and last name
  • Discount offers/coupons based on individual purchase history
  • Letters with their specific sales contact’s signature
  • Welcome letters with personalized pictures of their contacts

Variable Data Mailers

Some of our most popular variable data printing services include custom business cards and variable data postcards that combine impactful data and professional printing to provide high-quality results. 

Creative Packaging

Make it impossible for customers to resist your product by taking it to the next level with packaging that draws them in and unique details that seal the deal. It’s one of the best ways to elevate your product to a unique art form and separate it from the competition. 

Variable Catalogs & Booklets

Postcards and flyers aren’t the only medium that variable data printing can make an impact on. Stand out from the crowd by personalizing presentation booklets for your next sales pitch or create product catalogs specific to certain industries or regions.

Data Management

As a full-service variable data solutions provider, our team is well-versed in managing and streamlining large amounts of data to ensure optimal efficiency and, more importantly, air-tight security. 


Leverage Printing is here to print and deliver your variable data direct mail to the right person at the right address in the right format. And, of course, at the right cost.

VDP Design & Delivery Discounts

Let Leverage Printing, your variable data printing ally, show you how VDP services help you create a stronger relationship with your customers through customized print materials. From front-end strategy to back-end reporting, the Leverage Printing team guarantees your variable data piece will deliver a memorable customer experience with measurable results. Get started today. As your production and mail fulfillment partner, Leverage will:


  • Ensure your mailing is assembled accurately and delivered on time.
  • Help provide a better return on your fulfillment dollars.
  • Eliminate printing and production inefficiencies that increase costs.
  • Provide critical real-time data to help you make savvy decisions.
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