Specialty Printing

Whether it’s printing on wood veneer, waterproof paper, or other unique mediums, our specialty printing services allow you to make a statement and stand out in a big way.

Rethink What’s Possible

Take advantage of the profound power our HP Indigo press has by printing your custom graphic or image on a unique substrate such as long-lasting synthetic paper, styrene, PVC, and virtually anything else you can think of. Print on canvas, synthetics and metalized media, 3-18pt in thickness with white ink on dark colored paper options. Combined with our advanced knowledge of variable data and large format printing, the most elaborate and awe-inspiring print pieces have never been easier to obtain. Our high-definition specialty printing services give you one-of-a-kind print pieces that elevate your brand far above the rest.

Mosaic Printing

Turn your packaged products or print marketing material into a unique puzzle that captures the interest of all. Mosaic printing brings variable data to a whole new art form by creating millions of original designs with minimal time and effort. Our mosaic printing algorithm takes as little as one design and automatically creations millions of one-of-a-kind designs with extraordinary patterns that come together to create stunning mosaics.


Ever been handed a plastic business card? Not only does it last longer than paper, it immediately stands out from all the rest.

Wood Veneer

Get the attractive and elegant look of wood prints on thin sheets of veneer that is flexible but durable and often glued onto another surface for added appeal.

White Ink on Colored Paper

Flip the script on average white paper by using white ink on colored paper for precise image replication and creativity.

Synthetic Paper

Get the look of paper with a print piece that is waterproof, tear-resistant, and designed to make your print last.


Prints on styrene can be useful for menus, poster frames, outdoor signs, and more. It’s a thin and flexible plastic that makes your prints pop.

Rigid Vinyl PVC

This type of plastic can be coated on banners and other print materials to add a glossy, professional finish that also strengthens the piece.

Silver, Clear, & White Pressure Sensitives

Commonly used on product packaging, pressure-sensitive prints offer numerous benefits and unique features to your design.

White & Clear Repositionable Vinyl

This sticky film is ideal for printing window decals, wall art, and vinyl wraps of all sizes. Don’t worry; it leaves zero residues.

Soft Touch

Add a soft touch coating to your print piece for a velvety soft texture that enhances both the look and feel of your piece (and creates a fingerprint-resistant barrier).

Metalized Board

This shiny material almost mimics the look of metal, with the cost and lightness of cardboard.

HP Indigo Specialty Press

Our specialty printing press features OneShot, which allows you to print on virtually any medium and achieve 100 percent ink coverage using seven-color support and true spot colors for unmatched quality with perfect color registration. You won’t find this advanced machine just anywhere.


The custom print products you expect. The convenience you deserve.