HP Indigo™


Where High Capability Meets High Efficiency

Our state-of-the-art HP Indigo 15000 Digital Press is not your average printer. In fact, we’re now a part of a select group of nearly 1,000 printers worldwide that are equipped with the 15K Digital Press. The Indigo uses “Digital-Offset” technology, the first of its kind, to deliver offset print quality at a digital price. With lightning-fast speeds, out-of-this-world print quality, and more versatility than a Swiss Army knife, you’re able to think bigger than ever before, and Leverage Printing can make it all happen.


Unbelievable Print Quality

Digital prints don’t get any better than this. The HP Indigo includes dozens of software and hardware innovations to deliver the highest quality prints possible. HP Indigo’s liquid ElectroInk technology and unique digital offset process deliver the smoothest and sharpest prints in the industry. With the widest digital color gamut, your images will look more lifelike than you ever thought possible. With seven separate ink stations and on-the-fly color switching, HP Indigo ElectroInk reaches up to 97% of the colors the human eye can see. Get ready to be blown away.

white ink on black paper

Tell your story on virtually any type of material.

The creative possibilities are endless with our ability to print on various unique substrates: canvas, synthetics, and even metalized media. When paired with our unique ink options, HP Indigo printing can help you create eye-popping results that will set you apart.


Unmatched Versatility

Anything is possible with HP Indigo’s endless combinations of substrates, print sizes, and ink types. No material is off-limits. The HP Indigo 15K delivers high-quality prints on canvas, plastic, wood, synthetic, and metal, to name a few. It can handle print sizes of 29.5” x 20.9” and features a unique variety of special effect inks, including fluorescent and white ink. With these capabilities and the HP Indigo’s combined digital and offset technical features, no print job is off-limits.


Unrivaled Speed

Faster than a speeding bullet, the HP Indigo 15000 cranks out more than 4,600 monochrome prints in just one hour. This speed means print jobs are more efficient and cost-effective. Unnecessary large and expensive print jobs are now a thing of the past. The HP Indigo 15000 brings just-in-time production to the print world and allows you to print only the quantities you need when you need them, avoiding the cost and risk of carrying large quantities of print material.


Endless Possibility

As if the printing capabilities of the Indigo aren’t enough, the technology behind the machine is equally impressive. The HP Indigo 15000 is the perfect piece of equipment for variable data printing and makes it easy to create unique, personalized, and custom print materials. The Indigo’s Direct2Finish feature allows for automated binding, delivering faster turnarounds and fewer errors. We're built for optimized speed and performance, creating the best end-to-end print production process in the Cedar Valley.

The custom print products you expect. The convenience you deserve.